Pet Cremation Arrangements

Pet Cremation – What You Need to Know 

If your vet is making the pet cremation arrangements on your behalf, do you know where your beloved companion is actually going?

If you’re struggling to deal with the loss of your beloved pet, finding out the location of the pet crematorium who will be receiving them might not be a question that you think to ask. Nonetheless, it’s an important one and might be worth considering ahead of time. 

What Do I Need to Know?

A client – who uses a vet in Bath – recently complained to me it would take 3 weeks to get her pet’s ashes back. When she questioned this, she was informed that her pet would be going all the way from Bath to Cambridge to be cremated by a vet appointed pet crematorium, hence the delay in being able to bring her beloved companion home.

Sadly, the number of independently owned and run vet practices has been in decline for many years. They have been largely replaced by large corporations who own hundreds of practises and more often than not their own pet crematoriums too. Clients are often not told that their local practice is now part of a large corporation who will always control where the pet cremation takes place. Many vets would like to retain this decision, but almost none are able to. Owners are unlikely to be told that the pet crematorium also belongs to the same large corporation, which may only collect pets once a week and might be several hundred miles away.

However, when you choose an independent company like Companions Haven, you’ll receive a much more personal service. We pride ourselves on returning ashes to owners as quickly as possible, following pet cremation. We can even arrange a same-day collection on prior arrangement. We’re all animal lovers and pet owners, so we know how important it is to have your cherished companion back at home where they belong. Unlike larger businesses or chain crematoriums, we can collect your pet from your home or vet practice in our specially designed vehicle (fees apply) for your convenience.

Pet Cremation Arrangements: Image of a tabby cat.
Pet Cremation Arrangements: Image of a shih tzu on a beach at sunset.

What Should I Consider?

As a pet owner, the choice of which pet crematorium to use is always your own choice to make. You should feel confident in asking your vet questions about your pet’s cremation such as, when will they be collected? How quickly will be the cremation happen? Will my pet be cremated alone? How soon will the ashes be returned? Is the crematorium independently inspected and approved? Your vet is selling this service and should know the answers to these questions, if not call the crematorium direct.

Here at Companions Haven, we always recommend using your local, independently inspected and approved APPCC pet crematorium. We are a family-owned, independent company who pride themselves on carrying out pet owner’s final wishes with care, dignity and respect. As a small, local company, we’re able to deliver personalised and individual pet cremation services to pet owners, giving them comfort during a difficult time. We’re always on hand to listen or to talk with pet owners about their final wishes for their cherished pet. We’re also able to provide advice on pet bereavement, different types of pet urns and caskets and memorial keepsakes.

Find Out More

If you’d like to know more about our pet cremation services, please contact us on 0117 937 4554 or email us via our contact form. Appointments can be made seven days a week for your convenience.

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