We’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help answer any queries you may have and some advice on how to deal with the loss of your special companion.

If you’d like further assistance, or have a question we’ve not covered in the FAQs, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0117 937 4554.

Frequently Asked Questions

My pet has died, what are my options?

Cremation – you can arrange this through your vet or directly with a crematorium. Ashes can be scattered, kept in an urn or casket or buried.

Burial – you can do this yourself if you are able. Legally, you may only bury your pet in the garden where he or she lived. In the local area, pet cemeteries are rare but we would suggest these options:



I want a cremation, but I don’t know what the options are?

If you choose to use our service we offer an individual cremation. This means your pet is alone in a  single chamber. Following the cremation the ashes are meticulously removed and returned to you. This is the only service we offer directly to the public.

We also work in partnership with independently run veterinary surgeries. We offer them this same service but we also provide respectful communal cremations. In this case, pets are handled and transported with exactly the same level of care and dignity as any other pet which comes here but they are cremated side by side with other pets and the ashes then interred in our memorial garden. This service, available only via vets, offers an affordable alternative to people who cannot afford an individual cremation.

We do not offer a disposal service where the same high standards are not applied.

How do I know the ashes I get back are mine?

If you request an individual cremation, we promise to return all the ashes of your pet, and only the ashes of your pet. Our cremators are cleaned thoroughly after every cremation.  

Are you a member of the APPCC?

Companions Haven Ltd was one of the founder members of the APPCC which offers the only independently verified code of conduct in the UK. Whether you are organising a cremation through your vet or independently we would always recommend you use an APPCC member.

APPCC code of conduct

How much will the cremation cost?

The price of an individual cremation will vary depending on the size / breed of your pet. Please contact us and we will be able to give you the price. We can also explain different options in terms of caskets and urns and the relevant prices of these.

Can I watch the cremation?

You can, although we don’t personally recommend it as we think a peaceful good bye in our garden room is a more fitting final memory.

If it’s important to you we will support you through a viewing. We’ll discuss everything you can expect with you beforehand.

How am I going to get through this?

We know how you feel, we’re pet owners ourselves. A phrase we hear really often is “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m so upset”.

You should never feel guilty for the grief you feel for a pet. They enrich our lives with so much love and are a part of our family. Letting them go can raise some difficult emotions.

Euthanasia is a gift we can give our beloved pets when the time is right but everyone feels a level of guilt. We are always happy to talk but we also know when there aren’t any words. When you’re ready to say goodbye we will leave you and your pet in our peaceful garden room for as long as you need.

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