Spaniel Figurine


Lay your canine companion to rest with the wonderfully designed Spaniel Figurine Pet Urn.

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The Spaniel Figurine Pet Urn is a charming way to memorialise your beloved pet and give them a beautiful final resting place.

Cast in resin and hand-painted with a lovely bronze-effect finish, the urn is completely hollow, so you can store all of your pet's ashes inside. This pet urn also comes with a secure 'memory capsule' that allows you to store cherished mementoes - like collar tags, photos or locks of fur. Strong and durable, this pet urn can be placed in the home or garden as a perfect final resting place for your much-loved pet.

Intricately detailed and beautifully finished, this urn is sure to take pride of place in any home.

Dimensions: 26 x 16 x 29cm, 1.5L capacity

Please note: The Spaniel Figurine Pet Urn will 'weather' slowly over time if placed outside. Avoid placing the pet urn in direct sunlight.


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