Meminisse Orb


A unique and breathtaking way to memorialise your pet, the Memorial Glass Meminisse Orb is sure to take pride of place in your home. To order, please contact us on 0117 937 4554 or email via our contact form.

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Please contact our team on 0117 937 4554 for availability.

The Memorial Glass Meminisse Orb is a beautiful and delicate decoration, designed to be displayed in the home.

Handmade by the expert craftspeople at Bristol Blue, this keepsake is created by encasing a small quantity of your pet's ashes in a piece of lead crystal glass.

This ashes keepsake is available in several different colours, including:

  • Bristol Blue
  • Aqua
  • Jade
  • Amethyst
  • Ruby
  • Amber
  • Black

The Memorial Glass Meminisse Orb is designed to be displayed on your Christmas tree, mantlepiece or in a special, meaningful place.

Dimensions: 4cm x 4cm (approximately)

Please note: This product is unable to be ordered online. Please contact our team on 0117 937 4554 or through our Contact Form for more information on purchasing this product. There is approximately a six week waiting time to receive your keepsake.


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