In memory of Mambo


A rescue dog will have a tale to tell

It may be sad, or of a life of Hell
It may be a story of a once loved pup
Who found herself homeless when a marriage broke up

Or a faithful companion, who’s owner’s passed on
And the poor little dog doesn’t know where they’ve gone.
Or of a dog that’s been beaten, never had the chance to ‘live’
And yet gain his trust – he’ll have so much love to give.

A pup that grew out of the cute, cuddly stage,
Has grown big and unruly and is now at ‘that age’
So he gets given away, it’s such a shame
When it’s the lack of training that’s really to blame.

Some rescue dogs may be quite old
Just need a nice home, out of the cold
A warm cozy bed, for weary old bones
No dog should spend it’s last days on it’s own.

Rescue dogs can be misunderstood
Often seen as damaged goods
But a ‘pre-owned’ dog has much to offer
And compared to a pup, can be far less bother

A rescue dog may not know how to play
But a little bit of kindness should show them the way.
Some rescue dogs will have great credentials,
Others show promise and heaps of potential.

Some need guidance, to learn how to trust
For others, some training will be a must
But what you put in, you’ll get back tenfold
A loyal friend, with a heart of gold

He may be pure, cross or mixed breed
But one things for sure-he’ll be in need
Of a loving home, a new ‘mum’ or ‘dad’
Surely with this, he’ll stop being so sad.

A rescue dog is a breed apart
Please find space for one in your heart.


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